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  • The Ultimate Saffron Spice Profile

    The Ultimate Saffron Spice Profile

    A native to Southwest Asia, saffron has had many uses such as seasonings, fragrances, perfumes, dye and medicine. In the kitchen, saffron is most commonly used in soups, stews, as well as seafood dishes such as bouillabaisse and paella. It is also a welcome addition to risotto and other rice-based dishes. Because this spice has long held the title of “most expensive spice by weight’, it may not be found commonly in every kitchens’ spice rack. Saffron Pronunciation Saffron is pronounced /ˈsæfrən/ or /ˈsæfrɒn,  scientific name Crocus sativus. Hear the common saffron pronunciation: What is Saffron? Saffron is part of...

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  • Spiced Popcorn

    Poppin' Toppin'

    Okay, I admit it, the title of this post is ridiculous, but I just couldn't resist! I love popcorn. It is definitely in my top 10 desert island foods and until I had kids it was on my regular dinner rotation. Now, it is usually an after-the-kids-go-to-bed snack. I've always been a popcorn purist. I make it in a saucepan with vegetable oil, lots of butter and a little salt. My husband on the other hand, he makes full use of our AllSpice Rack. Nothing makes my night like a surprise bowl of popcorn sprinkled with paprika or turmeric. So,...

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  • Mexican Hot Chocolate with spices

    Mexican Hot Chocolate

    The weather may be warming up, but that doesn't mean that I am ready to give up hot chocolate. Nothing starts a morning quite like a warm, sweet cup of hot chocolate and no hot chocolate warms you up like the spicy aroma of Mexican hot chocolate. Sure you can buy a mix, but why bother when you have lovely, fresh spices in your AllSpice rack?  Mexican hot chocolate is one of those great recipes that lends itself to experimentation. Start with whatever milk you prefer. It is great with evaporated milk, but also tastes wonderful with whole milk, or...

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  • Mulled wine

    Mulled Wine

    Living in Wisconsin, I have come to expect bitterly cold winters. So, imagine my delight at a December of temperatures in the 40s and 50s. Was it unsettling? yes, but did I enjoy it? you bet! Alas, here we are in January and the temperatures have dropped to the bone-chilling single digits. Perfect weather for a nice warm cup of mulled wine. Mulled wine is one of those great recipes that is really hard to mess up and once you find the perfect combination, you will have a lovely signature drink. Bonus: it makes your house smell amazing. Mulled wine...

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  • Chai Tea Latte

    Spicy Chai Latte

    A good friend who has spent a lot of time in India recently introduced us to this lovely spicy chai latte recipe. In India, the word chai is synonymous with tea, so I'll avoid the term 'chai tea' here, as it can irritate some people. However, in the US, chai refers to a specific blend of tea and spices that produce a wonderfully aromatic infusion. You can purchase chai teabags, but why do that when everything you need is right in your AllSpice rack. It is the perfect warm sweet drink for fall and it is a good excuse to show you...

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  • Applesauce


    This time of year the farmers' markets are just brimming with freshly picked apples.  If you are like me, you can't help but pick up a bag at market and then go apple picking later that same afternoon. When you find yourself drowning in apples, you can preserve some of that wonderful fall freshness by making applesauce to last through the winter. This is our favorite chunky, cinnamon applesauce recipe. 10 cooking apples peeled, cored and diced into half inch pieces 2-3 teaspoons of sweet cinnamon (to taste) 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon of cloves 1/2 cup of brown...

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