For over 25 years our family has been creating products for entertainment, cooking and for enjoying a more relaxed, organized and efficient life. Together, our original and innovative ideas are designed, tested and crafted to deliver the best value in high-quality, functional and safe items for a variety of life-styles. Located in Wisconsin, we take pride in offering personal customer service worthy of our family name.

The History of the AllSpice Spice Rack

AllSpice is the creation of one dedicated experimental cook from Oakland, California who was fed up with ordinary spice racks.  Fortunately this cook, Max Osterhaus, was also a skilled woodworker, designer, and artist. Max worked over five years to bring spice racks up to speed with the modern cook and modern kitchens. After many iterations, and testing in his own kitchen, he built the first AllSpice 60-jar rack, which blew all ordinary spice racks right out of the kitchen!

Max knew that eliminating the challenges of storing and using his growing collection of herbs and spices would not be easy. The perfect spice rack had to be of sufficient size, provide ready access, protect spices from heat and light, and preserve precious counter space. The spice rack also had to be well-built and incorporate high design in order to suit the finest kitchen settings.

After five years of design and testing, Max had a spice rack that met all of his initial goals - and then some.  His innovative 60-jar spice rack successfully freed up valuable kitchen storage space without sacrificing critical working space - spices were front and center, well-protected and  effortlessly within sight and reach.
Max Osterhaus, HausLogic, AllSpice
With the encouragement of friends and family Max was ready to turn AllSpice into a business. Fortunately, Max knew right where to find some serious experience in bringing out innovative products and improving people's lives - with his family, in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.

Driven by the idea of  'Perfectly Organized Inspiration' Max and his family established HausLogic LLC in 2014 to roll out the AllSpice brand - a family owned and managed business dedicated to modern, intelligent and purposeful product design.

It's so rare to find a product that works just perfectly.
I love to reimagine systems and create tools that remove barriers and open doors to exciting and inspired creation. That is what drives HausLogic. We relentlessly seek out those imperfect products and create solutions that mesh seamlessly into people’s lives. 
    -- Max Osterhaus


Five years after Max reinvented spice racks for the modern cook and modern kitchens, AllSpice has quickly established itself as the flagship product of HausLogic LLC. Now there is an AllSpice spice rack solution to suit virtually any spice collection in any kitchen environment. The ever expanding AllSpice collection of spice racks currently features six finishes (maple, cherry, walnut, oak, bamboo and white) and three size (12, 30 and 60 jars), all crafted from the highest quality materials.