Epazote Mexican Tea

Spice Profile: Epazote

Scientific Name Chenopodium Ambrosioides

What is Epazote?

A weed native to Mexico, Epazote leaves add a bitter and bright flavor to Mayan cuisines from Mexico and Guatemala. Used fresh in Mexico, Epazote can be found and used as a dried leaf in the US and Canada.

What is the History of Epazote?

Epazote has been used for many centuries in Mexican cuisines. It was also used in medicinal purposes to treat worms and parasites as well as digestion issues.

How is Epazote Grown?

Epazote grows easily and is even considered a weed in some places. It has a stronger flavor the more sun and heat it receives. It is an annual, but reseeds itself readily.

How can I use Epazote?

Epazote is an essential ingredient in Mayan cooking, particularly black bean dishes, mole verde, quesadillas and salsas. Add it in the last 15 minutes and use it sparingly to avoid bitterness and overwhelming flavors.

Fun Facts

  • In large doses, Epazote can cause dizziness and be toxic.
  • The name Epazote comes from the words Epatl meaning skunk and Tzotl meaning sweat.



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