Dried Red Chiles
When we first started creating the label list for the AllSpice Spice Rack two things struck me. First, how many spices start with the letter C (seriously, 1/3 of my spice rack is spices that start with the letter C-- still haven't figured that one out) and how many dried peppers were in my spice rack. Maybe it is my midwestern pallet, but I rarely thought about using peppers in anything other than chili until I saw the array of options. Peppers can add more than heat to your dishes. They can add color, smokiness, tartness and more. Peppers are used in almost every cuisine and are enjoyed around the world. Some of the most common dried pepper choices are:

Ancho- The most popular dried pepper, anchos are simply dried poblanos (the pepper used for chilies rellenos). They add a deep fruity flavor and are used in Mexican sauces.

Chipotle- The perfect go-to for adding a warm smokey flavor, chipotle are smoke dried jalapeños. They are wonderful in Mexican sauces, soups and stews.

Chili Powder- Chili Powder is actually a blend of hot dried red chilis, paprika, cumin and other seasonings that is perfect for that chili con carne flavor.

Cayenne- If you want to add heat, cayenne is a perfect choice. The red powder adds a beautiful color and some serious burn. 

Written by Leah Sugar
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