What is the cost of shipping?
Standard shipping is free!

What should I do if my rack arrives damaged or missing a piece?
Contact our customer service department directly. We will be happy to assist you with exchanges and replacement parts.  

Do you ship internationally?
For orders to Europe, visit Amazon.frAmazon.de, or your local Amazon marketplace. For more information, contact our European distributor Hyggeness.

For orders to Canada visit Amazon.ca.

For all other locations, visit our eBay store to take advantage of their global shipping program.  

Can I buy replacement jars, lids, feet or labels?
Yes, visit our accessories page for more information about replacement jars, lids, feet or labels.

I took apart my grinder and now I can't get it back together-- help!
Here is a photo of the grinder parts in order for reassembly.

What if I have a spice that isn't included in the preprinted lables?
Unfortunately, we no longer offer custom labels. However, you can write your spice name on a blank label with a white paint pen (available here).

Does the rack come with spices already in it?
No, the rack does not come pre-filled with spices. The rack is designed for you to be able to customize your pallet of spices to fit your culinary needs.

Where can I buy herbs and spices?
We recommend buying your herbs and spices at a retailer specializing in a wide range of herbs and spices. Generally these retailers rotate inventory frequently to ensure freshness and variety.

Can the rack be oriented vertically?
Yes, the rack can be oriented either vertically or horizontally. 

Can the rack be hung on the wall?
The rack is designed to be set on the countertop. If you would like to hang your rack on the wall, please contact a qualified contractor to hang it safely. Click here for a PDF with recommended mounting guidelines.

Does the rack fit other kinds of jars?
The rack will fit the Penzeys Spice 4oz jar or any other 4oz glass paragon jar that is less than 2" in diameter.

Can I buy the rack without jars?
The racks include glass jars specially designed to sit properly, offer a consistent look and accept the labels. At this time, we do not offer racks without jars.

What if I need to return the rack for any reason?
Racks can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Except in cases of manufacturing defect, the purchaser is responsible for return shipping.

Do you have discounted racks available?
From time to time, we have racks that get slightly damaged in shipping. These racks are available at a discount. Please contact us directly to inquire about these racks.

Are the plastic and glass parts BPA-free?
Yes, the plastic and glass components are food safe and BPA-free.

Where are the racks made?
The racks are designed in Oakland, CA and hand-crafted by our production partner in the Guangdong Region of Southern China. Our partners have the highest certifications for worker safety and production standards.