We wanted to do a blog post specifically to call out two of our favorite spice shops-- Oaktown Spice Shop and The Spice House. Both offer interesting spice blends, beautiful gift sets and the freshest, most interesting spices around. In addition, both offer online shopping, nation-wide shipping and bulk spices (which is helpful if you have an AllSpice rack that needs filling). 

Why buy spices at a specialty spice store?

  1. Freshness- Spices dont last forever. Each spice has a unique shelf life and is uniquely sensitive to heat and light. Specialty spice shops are aware of these limitations and take care to only offer the freshest spices possible.
  2. Quality- Spices come in many different grades and varieties. At a specialty spice store, you will always get high quality and may be offered the option of different grades or varieties depending on your use. In fact, many spices (even common ones like oregano) have been found to be widely counterfeit and adulterated-- a specialty spice store would never tolerate that.
  3. Information- Specialty spice store proprietors know A LOT about spices. They can help you find what you need and answer any questions you might have.
  4. Exploration- Specialty spice stores have spices you will have never hear of and proprietary blends that you won't find anywhere else. Take your time and browse!

Remember, every spice store has their own special blends and varieties, so don't be afraid to visit multiple spice stores and create your own special collection of your favorites. If you have a favorite spice store we should know about, let us know!


Written by Leah Sugar

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