Max's Spiced Cocoa Mix

This cocoa mix is inspired by traditional Oaxacan spiced cocoa, but with a few modifications to add some variety and make it easier to throw together. The type of cocoa will have a big impact on the final flavor and consistency, so choose wisely (or use whatever you have in the house!). I like to use 75% Ghiradelli cocoa and 25% Black or "Dutch Processed" cocoa which gives a more pudding-like flavor and a darker color.

    Mix together in a quart-size Mason Jar:

        • 1 cup   Cocoa Powder
        • 1.5 cups   Sugar (Organic sugar tends to have a better flavor)
        • 2 t   Cinnamon (Use Ceylon cinnamon if you have it!)
        • 1.5 t   Cayenne Pepper
        • 1 t   Ground Nutmeg
        • 1 t   Allspice
        • 1 t   Ginger Powder
        • ½ t   Ground Cloves
        • ½ t   Salt

      To make a single serving combine 2T of the Cocoa Mix with 8oz of boiling water or heated milk, stir well, and enjoy!


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