If you’ve had an AllSpice rack in your kitchen for some time, it probably has more “memories of meals past” than you’d like. With these steps you can have it shining like the day you bought it!

  • Carefully slide the rack out and clean the counter underneath.
  • Wipe down the top and sides with a moist cloth but do not leave water on the surface. If there are oil or grease splatters on the rack, you can use a small amount of dish soap on the cloth, or a small bit of baking soda to remove them.
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  • For an extra clean rack, remove all the jars and vacuum the inside with the crevice attachment and gently wipe the front panel.  
  • Wipe the lids and sides of each jar. 
  • Go though your spices to get rid of anything that is particularly old and refill jars that are getting low. Maybe even swap in some exciting new spices for those that are rarely used!
  • For the ultimate neat freak, carefully align each label so that the text is perfectly parallel to the countertop -- now that is satisfying!

Ecrit par Max Osterhaus

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