Glass Jars with Lids and Shakers

Choose from a 6 or 18 pack of Glass AllSpice jars complete with black lids, small hole shaker tops, large hole shaker tops and AllSpice-exclusive spoon scraper tops to fit each jar. 

4 Ounce Jars4.25" tall and 2" in diameter and holds 4 fluid ounces--the same size as Spice House, Penzeys and other specialty spice store jars. Fits any AllSpice Spice Rack.

3 Ounce Jars- 3" tall and 2" in diameter and holds 3 fluid ounces. Fits AllSpice InDrawer Spice holders and is the right size for standing up in most drawers.

Complement them with a set of AllSpice Spice Jar Labels to make your spice storage perfectly organized.